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What is BUPLAS?

Designed for the global workplace, BUPLAS is an end-to-end communication assessment and training system that recruits for, trains, and coaches the real skills for contact centre success.

By partnering with us, you will learn how to use customised tools with our support and quality assurance, making BUPLAS internally sustainable.

Our promise is simple - BUPLAS allows you to select and develop top performers every time.


BUPLAS Online Dashboard

Monitor your team’s performance and receive actionable insights through our secure, cloud-based management tool.

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Bupicon recruitment


Hire the right people at the right time with easy-to-implement assessments and benchmarking.

Bupicon training


Train your team for skills your customer expects, using a custom curriculum that links recruitment and operations.

Bupicon operations


Ensure your coaches quickly achieve sustainable KPI improvement, while helping to improve attrition and productivity.

Buplas sector

Select the right people with

BUPLAS Recruitment

Why BUPLAS at recruitment?

BUPLAS accurately predicts who will be your top performers

Ensure that your hiring practices are targeted to the specific needs of the job with practical assessments and relevant benchmarking, allowing you to select the most effective candidates for your team.

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Fast and Relevant Screening

The 16-minute online test screens candidates for important skills, such as grammar-awareness, vocabulary in context and listening skills.

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Instant Results

Instantly know whether candidates proceed to the next phase of recruitment and quickly identify the best performers in your talent pool.

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Customisable Cut-off Scores

Cut-off scores are tailored for your business. BUPLAS hiring benchmarks are designed to evolve according to your changing recruitment needs.

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Nicon tests

Test for Success

Learn to identify the skills that predict success in customer service, such as repairing breakdowns in communication, speaking with comprehensible pronunciation, and providing clear explanations.

Nicon interview

Effective & Flexible Administration

10-minute assessments select candidates who demonstrate spontaneity, clarity and confidence. These assessments can be structured as a 3-way or 1-on-1 discussion, which can conducted by you in-person or over the phone.

Nicon connect

Select the best

Email and chat require specific writing skills for accuracy, comprehension and customer connection. Select candidates who go beyond standard responses and tailor their writing to your customer’s needs.

Nicon relevance

Use Real-world cases

Conduct assessments with real-world customer emails that test reading and writing skills relevant to your business. Choose candidates for their range of responses and their adaptability to diverse situations.

Nicon maximize

Maximise your Talent Pool

Tailor assessments to your specific business requirements and find the best candidates for different needs. The 30-minute test allows you to identify the maximum potential of candidates under scenarios specified by you.

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Buplas sector

Equip your team with the skills your customer expects with

BUPLAS Training & Curriculum

Move the slider to see why customers prefer BUPLAS agents and not "robots"

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A Seamless Approach

Not only select, but also train your recruits for the skills that your customers expect. Design a curriculum based on BUPLAS to link recruitment with operations.

Nicon tailored

Tailored to Your Business

Connect the needs of your company with the standards of effective communication training through a customized curriculum that targets the challenges your team faces.

Nicon target

Relevant and Authentic

Resolve complex issues that affect customer service outcomes by drawing from real scenarios and using them for skills-focused learning.

Nicon research

Proven by Research

Go beyond basic language training and maximize training time by honing proven communication strategies most likely to impact customer feedback.

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Buplas sector

See real KPI impact with

BUPLAS Operations

Why BUPLAS for Operations?

Proof in the results

Have your team quickly and sustainably improve their performance with no extra coaching time required, by finding the root cause of communication problems. Targeted coaching sessions help improve attrition, engagement and performance through individualised skills development.

Nicon quality
Communication in Quality Assurance

Coach your team to understand your customers and adapt to their needs. Give them the skills to use tone and empathy, provide clear and accurate explanations, and generate appropriate solutions.

Accurate diagnostics will also allow you to improve how your team is applying their communication skills in a call context - a key factor in achieving KPI improvement in quality assurance.

Buplas sector

Monitor and manage all your performance data with the

BUPLAS Online Dashboard

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Monitor performance

Access important information, such as the effectiveness of your hiring practices, the success of your training methods, and the impact of coaching on KPIs.

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Gain insight

Receive actionable insights into your team’s individual and overall performance. Interactive visuals highlight issues and the impact of BUPLAS on your business over time.

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Be cloud based

The BUPLAS Online Dashboard is a secure, cloud-hosted service. No software installation is required and you benefit from 24-hour customer support service.

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What are people saying about BUPLAS?


"I am extremely impressed with the academic rigor and application of linguistic theory."
"BUPLAS has greatly helped standardize our selection process for call center specialists. They have provided us with a simple, clear and objective way of assessing the skills of candidates and the amount of training that they need in order to qualify for call center positions. We now have the tools to train them effectively and ensure high CSATs"
"BUPLAS made profiling of an account possible, in terms of English communication skills required on the floor. This allows endorsement of the right candidates to the right accounts. BUPLAS made us realize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” type of program and that we need to be able to address particular competencies to be more effective in helping the BPO workforce.”
“BUPLAS provides our employees with a pathway for continuous skills development and a tool for monitoring their progress in the English language.”
"Future Perfect has significantly made a difference in our English Communication programs for staff. FP's approach stands out among its competitors in the industry and ensures students make progress on their assessment levels while having fun in the training sessions."


At Future Perfect, we help businesses enhance their performance through better communication. We’d love to partner with you too.


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Welcome to the BUPLAS Voice Assessment

You will see a BUPLAS Voice Assessment in the form of a 3-way discussion. First, we will BUPLAS certified assessor who will lead a discussion between 3 candidates. At the end, you will be invited to see if you can choose the right person for the job.

Which candidate would you choose?
  • A. Steven
  • B. Alex
  • C. Sara
Great choice! Here's why.

<Message explaining why the choice was a good one. Placeholder text. Placeholder text. Placeholder text. Placeholder text. Placeholder text.>

Actually, you'll find that Alex is the better candidate. Here's why.

<Message explaining why Alex was the better candidate. Placeholder text. Placeholder text. Placeholder text. Placeholder text. Placeholder text.>


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* Your information is never shared or used without your permission. View our data privacy policy here.

C: Hi I need to sort out my internet banking please, my password isn’t working anymore and I’m worried someone has hacked the account.
A: No problem, let me just check that out for you.
C: I might be just going a bit crazy. Maybe I typed it wrong lots of times or something I don’t know – anyway, I just want to make sure nobody else is using it.
A: I’ve checked it and um, your current password should work fine
C: Oh! Really?
A: But just to be sure, I’ll send an auto reset to your email and you can then change it, uh, to a memorable password. The instructions are in the email.
C: Ok, thanks. I told you I was having a crazy day, right?
A: Uh, no, it’s not crazy… um, sometimes it just can have a technical fault, or… maybe caps lock was on, um, they can be case sensitive…
C: OK not to worry, don’t worry. Uh look, can you tell me how I can get this auto reset thing done if this ever happens again in the future?
A: Oh, yes, um, but probably –
C: I’d like to know, so I’m not calling you all hours of the day and night!
A: Oh, no, it’s not a problem to call us, we are always here at your service 24/7.
C: But just the same
A: Yes, Mr. Hadden.
C: Yes, just the same, I’d like to know please. How would I do that without calling the helpline?
A: Oh, it’s a procedure you can do online – I need to walk you through it, and just to let you know, but it’s just easy just to call us and have it reset at any time.
C: Right so, it’s online – on the website, I take it?
The customer is joking to build rapport, but the agent sees the comment as self-critical and serious.
The customer is showing that they want to be able to problem-solve independently. The agent misinterprets this as the customer needing reassurance.
The agent does not want to walk the customer through a complex process that he could solve quickly over the phone. He does not understand that the customer wants to feel in control.

This agent missed opportunities to build rapport and improve customer satisfaction because he was not able to identify indirect cultural cues or respond in a way that reduced stress. Average call time for this agent also increased when he could not quickly identify what the customer needed, resulting in several follow up requests from the customer.