BUPLAS Operations

Targeted and Measured Success

Empower your teams with the confidence to meet KPI targets, backed by ongoing coaching, intervention trainings, and performance tracking.

See Business Results with a Comprehensive Coaching Solution

Measure and drive performance through our comprehensive coaching solutions.

Certificate in Coaching

Quality Scorecard Integration

Individualized Coaching

Empower individuals to shine

We tailor our approach to target each agent’s unique profile. This customized approach ensures that your team members receive the coaching they need to reach their full potential.

Correlated to KPI Results

Achieve business goals with positive performance

Because BUPLAS is correlated to KPI results, you’ll see a significant improvement in your performance metrics after coaching and training.


Be the leader, not the follower

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s not enough to keep up with competition – you need to outperform them. With BUPLAS, you can stay ahead of competition with our cutting-edge coaching solutions.

Performance Improvement through Communication Coaching

Whether you are looking to drive KPI scores upward or position your business for growth, BUPLAS Operations can help you getthere faster.

Certificate in Coaching

Train your leaders to diagnose and address the root causes of communication breakdown through coaching that ensures KPI results and long term impact.

Personalized learning pathways

Our learning pathways are as unique as your agents. Choose how long your teams are coached and trained for, what areas to prioritize, and the best approach for their learner profile.

Quality scorecard integration

By incorporating BUPLAS into your quality scorecard, you will see greater correlation between quality scores and customer expectations around performance measures such as CSAT, AHT, and NPS.

Proven Measurable Results

See how contact centers & multinationals are using BUPLAS to increase hire rates, reduce attrition, and pass operational standards.


Reduction in AHT


Increase in close sales rates


Drop in customer complaints

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