Beyond Language, Smart Selection

Experience the next evolution in hiring with BUPLAS+. Powered by Criteria’s scientifically-proven assessments, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of candidates, extending beyond communication skills to ensure the perfect fit for your business needs.

Evaluate Candidates from Every Angle

Our wide variety of scientifically proven assessments help employers gain a more complete picture of candidate potential.


Holistic Candidate Evaluation

With BUPLAS+, we go beyond traditional language assessments to offer a more comprehensive evaluation of candidates. With assessments covering cognitive abilities, personality traits, and emotional intelligence, BUPLAS+ offers a comprehensive understanding of candidate potential. These scientifically proven tests enhance our traditional language assessments, providing deeper insights to ensure the best fit for your organization.


Scientifically proven powered by Criteria

Elevate your global hiring process with our scientifically proven assessments, powered by Criteria. These evaluations accurately measure candidates’ aptitude, providing standardized data across multiple sites and geographies. Ensure a consistent quality in recruitment and effortlessly identify top talent worldwide, maintaining excellence no matter where your business operates.


Advanced Insights for Smart Selection

Gain access to cutting-edge assessments that measure critical thinking, problem-solving, and more. By choosing the right combination of tests, you can identify the best candidates with precision. Tailor your selection to fit the specific needs of each role, ensuring a smart selection for your team.

Experience the next evolution in candidate assessment with BUPLAS+.

Our innovative suite of assessments redefines the hiring process, offering a holistic approach that complements our existing language assessments. Beyond extensive metrics, BUPLAS+ evaluates aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and skills. This comprehensive approach ensures you select the perfect fit for your business needs, setting a new standard in candidate evaluation.

Aptitude Test

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Personality Test

What is the BUPLAS+ Personality Test? Learn More

Emotional Intelligence

What is the BUPLAS+ Emotional Intelligence Test? Learn More

Skills Assessment

What is the BUPLAS+ Skills Assessment? Learn More

Risk Assessment

What is the BUPLAS+ Risk Assessment? Learn More

Recruit with Assurance

Discover the exceptional advantages of our BUPLAS+ assessments. Designed to deliver a comprehensive evaluation of candidates, these assessments ensure you find the best fit for your organization.

Customized Recruitment Solutions

BUPLAS+ is designed to provide tailored solutions for different industries and job roles, ensuring that you can find the right candidates for your specific requirements. Whether you are hiring for positions that demand intense focus, multitasking abilities, or quick reaction times, our assessments can help you identify candidates who possess the necessary skills to excel in their roles.

Tailored Interview Questions for Deeper Insights

BUPLAS+ assessments offer interview question recommendations based on the candidates’ responses, allowing you to delve deeper into their emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills during the interview process. These tailored questions help you assess candidates’ real-world experiences and behaviors related to emotional awareness, empathy, and conflict resolution, providing a more comprehensive understanding of their capabilities and fit for the role.

Strategic Talent Management

By leveraging the job matches offered by the BUPLAS+ assessment results, you can strategically manage your talent pool, ensuring that individuals are placed in roles where they can thrive and contribute effectively. This proactive approach to talent management not only maximizes individual performance but also enhances team dynamics, fosters a positive work culture, and drives organizational success in the long run.

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