Introducing BUPLAS+, our new suite of assessments designed to complement our trusted and proven communication tests.

These comprehensive assessments ensure we identify the ideal candidate for every role. With BUPLAS+, we go beyond language skills to evaluate aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and more, ensuring a smart selection for your team and organization.

Drive Business Performance with BUPLAS

Grow your business with our comprehensive communication assessment and training solutions.

Built on expertise

Build a team of top-notch communicators

Our extensive research on workplace communication and KPIs is proven to help you select and train top performers with exceptional communication skills.
team of top-notch communicators

The BUPLAS Framework

The 5 BUPLAS domains ensure that you are not just hiring people who can speak or write well, but can actually perform on the job.

Solution Strategy

Can the candidate identify the needs of the client and provide an appropriate and effective solution?


Can the candidate interact effectively according to the context and repair any communication breakdown?


Can the candidate explain clearly, directly, and coherently?


Does the candidate have the grammar and vocabulary required to communicate effectively?


Is the candidate globally comprehensible?

Productive Workforce
Proven to deliver KPI results

Stay ahead with a more productive workforce

Attract and retain top talent so you can hit your target hiring rates and grow your business with a more productive workforce.

Works end-to-end

Universally understandable measurement across departments

BUPLAS works across organizations, ensuring alignment and consistency from recruitment, training,to operations.
Universally Understandable Measurement

Impactful Alone Transformational End-to-End

BUPLAS is scalable at each stage of the employee journey.

For Recruitment

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For Training

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For Operations

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Anytime, Anywhere

QUARTO houses all BUPLAS and noncommunication assessments and allows users to take secure zero breach online tests with advanced anti-cheating features so applicants can take their assessments anytime, anywhere.

Perfectly Designed for Contact Centers and Multinationals

Over 7.1 million applicants have been tested and trained using BUPLAS for more than 18 years


Our broad range of communication assessment and training tools makes BUPLAS more comprehensive than any other providers.


We don’t make assumptions about your business. Instead, we integrate our customized solutions into your business for maximum results.


Outsource your assessment and training to us or let us train your teams to deliver our tailored solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BUPLAS?

BUPLAS is an end-to-end communication assessment and training solution that helps organizations recruit, train, and coach the real communication skills necessary for performance success.

What makes BUPLAS unique?

BUPLAS is the only end-to-end communication assessment and training solution that’s correlated to performance and KPI success, and designed specifically for contact centers and multinationals. With BUPLAS, you’ll experience fast, efficient, and performance-driven solutions tailored to produce real business results.

How is BUPLAS different from other language assessments?

BUPLAS is correlated to CEFR & IELTS. It measures both language proficiency and performance through 5 communication domains that are critical for workplace success. Moreover, BUPLAS uses human expertise with technology to assess nuanced aspects of communication that automated assessments can never measure.

What communication skills does BUPLAS measure?

The BUPLAS framework assesses a person’s communication skills in these five domains: Pronunciation, Language, Discourse Skills, Interactive Skills, and Solution Strategy. These domains are closely correlated to performance results and KPI success such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction and Average Handling Time. This makes it a great tool for assessing the communication skills of potential candidates who are highly likely to perform excellently on the job.

Why do we need human assessors when testing communication?

While technology and automation have its own advantages, they are limited to capturing the full spectrum of human communication. Human assessors can discern the subtleties of language use, including cultural nuances, idiomatic expressions, and the ability to adapt communication style based on the audience and context.This hybrid approach, leveraging the strengths of both human assessors and advanced technology, ensures that BUPLAS assessments always provide accurate and reliable results.

How much does BUPLAS cost?

The cost of BUPLAS varies depending on the specific product or service, the level of customization, and the scope of the project. At BUPLAS, we offer customized pricing options tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Get in touch with us so we can propose the right pricing for your organization.

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