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Revolutionize Recruitment, Training and Operations with QUARTO – our powerful cloud-based platform with dynamic analysis

Explore QUARTO's game-changing product features

Conduct remote assessments anytime, anywhere.

Real-time assessment results

Customized assessments

Responsive to mobiles, iPads, tablets, desktops

No software download required

Easy continuation of tests incase of technical issues

24*7 support

Proctored Assessments:
Robust and Secure Online Proctoring

Guarantee cheating-free online assessments with our human & AI-powered proctoring.

Browser Prevention

Proctoring Technology

Violation Reporting

Our proctoring technology guarantees 100% zero-breach assessments

Guarantee cheating-free online assessments with our human & AI-powered proctoring.

Human & AI-powered technology

Combines automation and human proctoring without the drawbacks of either

Video proctoring

Examines video streams to detect potential irregularities or suspicious activities

Audio proctoring

Examines audio input to alert for the presence of extra human voices in close proximity

Image proctoring

Captures images of candidates at random intervals throughout the assessment process

Lock & Track

Restricts candidates within the test page, guaranteeing no plagiarism, while monitoring any violations.

QUARTO seamlessly integrates with your in-house HRM and LMS

Streamline data management with a seamless flow of data between platforms.

Get powerful analytics and dashboard in one click

Powerful analytics

User-designed reports

Interactive graphs and charts

Comprehensive database in one unified system

Why companies love using QUARTO

Experience the convenience of flexible scheduling and simultaneous assessments
Secure and credible
QUARTO’s built-in proctoring tools safeguard against cheating and violations.
Experience scalable assessment capabilities as our system grows with your business
QUARTO offers robust analytics and user-designed reports that provide in-depth insights.

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