BUPLAS Recruitment

The Recruitment Solution You Can Trust

Finally, you can rest easy. With BUPLAS Recruitment, you’re just one step away from hiring the best applicants for your business.

Stay Ahead with a Comprehensive Recruitment Solution

Our all-integrated HR platform and communication assessments helps you select the best candidates and place them into the right account.

Recruitment Benchmarking

Language Assessments


Analytics and Reporting

Reliable and effective

Maximize hiring potential

Spend less time assessing poor hires and more time selecting top-performing communicators who will perform stellar in operations.

OPTIMIZE recruitment

Streamline resources

Efficiently allocate time and resources on an optimized recruitment process. Recruit more efficiently with an integrated process that works seamlessly within one platform.

Consistent quality

Make global hiring easier

Wherever your business is located, BUPLAS guarantees you are using a consistent recruitment process and an all-integrated data across multiple sites and geographies.

Experience A Seamless Hiring Process

Enjoy a user-friendly platform that makes it easier
to find the right candidates for your organization.

Set hiring standards with BUPLAS Benchmarking

Benchmarking allows you to select the right target skill levels for each of your processes and direct resources where they are needed most.

The global standard for business language assessment

Our comprehensive language tests ensure that your hires are meeting the highest standards for both language proficiency and job performance.

Screen Test

What is the BUPLAS Screen Test? Learn More

Voice Assessment

What is the BUPLAS Voice Assessment? Learn More

Writing Assessment

What is the BUPLAS Writing Assessment? Learn More

Chat Assessment

What is the BUPLAS Chat Assessment? Learn More

BUPLAS vs. Other Language Assessments

BUPLAS combines human expertise and cutting-edge technology for a comprehensive evaluation of workplace communication skills directly linked to measurable performance outcomes.


Anytime, Anywhere

QUARTO houses all BUPLAS and noncommunication assessments and allows users to take secure zero breach online tests with advanced anti-cheating features so applicants can take their assessments anytime, anywhere.

Proven Measurable Results

See how contact centers & multinationals are using BUPLAS to increase hire rates, reduce attrition, and pass operational standards.


Reduced processing time


Increased hire rates


NPS improvement


Better monthly CSAT scores vs. non-BUPLAS hires

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