A global BPO service provider increases hire rates by at least 17% in multiple sites through BUPLAS


A global BPO service provider has more than 30,000 customer experience specialists at 53 contact centers across 22 countries, delivering services in 33 languages to international brands in various industry verticals. In the Philippines, they recruit more than 300 employees monthly to deliver outstanding customer experience to drive business loyalty. Given the increasingly competitive talent landscape in the country and customer demand complexity, selecting superior communicators has never been more critical to the business.


The company serves a diverse range of accounts including technical support, customer service, billing and collections, and sales. The recruitment team recognized that their automated communication assessment was excluding potentially good agents, and as a result they were struggling to meet their monthly hiring targets. Future Perfect was approached to find out how they could increase their hiring rates, without seeing a drop in new-hire agent performance.


Future Perfect collaborated closely with its management and found that up to 30% of applicants were being unnecessarily excluded during the automated communication assessment.

In addition, the entire process was very time-consuming for recruiters and applicants, leading to poor applicant experience and a high number of cancelled applications. Our primary recommendation was to replace the automated assessment with the BUPLAS screening and voice assessments. Because BUPLAS measures the key skills required in a customer service setting, such as building rapport and delivering clear explanations, and doesn’t focus solely on pronunciation and grammatical accuracy, it enables organizations like Transcom to ensure they select the best customer service agents every time. We also streamlined the recruitment process and refined their profiling procedure to ensure that applicants’ skills and experience matched the role they were hired for.


We have seen our hire rates increase by at least 17% across four sites after using BUPLAS in recruitment, as shared by the general manager for APAC. “Not only are we able to objectively select the best talents to improve customer experience, we’re also able to maintain new hire performance and even improve them for most accounts,” he continued.


Organizations are more successful when hiring profiles are driven by customer needs partnered with a practical and holistic approach in measuring communication. Focusing only on pronunciation and language proves to be unreliable which significantly derail hire rate, while assessing organization of thoughts and interactive skills have tremendous benefits both on hire rates and new hire performance..

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