A Filipino BPO service provider in the Philippines leverages coaching in communication to exceed Net Promoter Score


One of the largest BPO service provider in the Phllippines. The company started out as a content outsourcing provider in 1980 and is considered a pioneering leader that helped make Manila one of the world’s top offshore location. Now operating in 21 locations with 22,000 top-caliber BPO professionals delivering consistent excellent customer service, it continues to grow in numbers as they become an integral part of their customers’


Being one of the most diversified BPO globally, it was a normal occurrence for the business to shift from one performance metrics to another. CSAT has been recently replaced with NPS in this case study. Given the change, there was a need for the team leaders to quantify the impact of their coaching intervention to agents’ NPS performance, especially for those who are not meeting their targets. Agents are coached on a regular basis in process compliance and knowledge, but there was no concerted effort to focus on communication.


The company’s first step was to have their team leaders trained in assessing communications through BUPLAS which was key in understanding the differentiating factors between the top, mid and low performing agents.

As a next step, both the team leaders and Future Perfect listened to over a hundred authentic calls, and it was clear that high-performing agents were more likely to be control of the situation, are adaptable in intercultural context, and can identify both explicit and implicit needs before arriving to a solution. “Our team leaders started to diagnose the root-cause of the issues across a range of calls to understand where communication breakdown is coming from,” – shares an operations manager. “Creating learning pathways and moving away from prescriptive coaching is key to improving performance”.


Three months after the program, 50 agents who went through BUPLAS coaching with their team leaders achieved higher NPS scores than those who did not, and even out-performed the rest of the site.


Good communication coaching has a measurable and positive impact on KPI is important to your business, because your agent and their ability to effectively communicate is critical to how your customers will perceive your company.

Unlike process and knowledge coaching which could be improved in a single session, diagnosing the root-cause and creating a tailored learning plan to improve communication are important to measurable and improved KPI performance.

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