A major Australian bank implements adaptable culture and communications training course to meet customer demands across businesses & geographies


This major Australian bank’s history dates back over 175 years. They are committed to building lasting partnership with their customers and communities in over 30 countries in Australia, New Zealand, throughout Asia and the Pacific, and in the Middle East, Europe and America.


With more than 8 million customers and 50,000 employees worldwide, the bank, with operational hubs in the Philippines, India and China, wanted to create a standard course content to cover both Australian and New Zealand culture that has a consistent and common approach to communication plus the capability to be adapted to each line of businesses to ensure relevance.


Future Perfect designed a culture and communications course for them that allows them to swap calls, country information, typical customer profile and essential transactions from one line of business (LOB) to another. This helped them leverage on previous work that has already been done to reduce development time.

As the trainers become more knowledgeable with the course along with its minimal course modifications per LOB, the time consuming and costly train-the-trainer for every course that they  used   to   do   has   eventually   been   dismissed, saving valuable time and money for the business.


The adaptable culture and communications training course has been one of the most successful partnership between the bank and Future Perfect among other initiatives, as newly hired agents on-shore and off-shore continue to exceed performance expectations. “Being able to reduce the course length from 7 days to 6 days by better integrating the skills across the syllabus has been a huge advantage to our business,   and   this   is   the   reason   why   we   continue  to collaborate with Future Perfect”, says the Australian bank’s global training director. “It means agents are well equipped with the culture and communications skills expected by customers while our budget go further as we no longer need to onboard our trainers and develop new courses every time”, he continued.


To positively impact customer experience and bottom-line, high-performing organizations are now implementing a consistent approach in training for culture and communications.

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